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Standard First Aid Examiner

The Lifesaving Society appoints Standard First Aid Examiners. Standard First Aid Examiner candidates are experienced Standard First Aid Instructors who undergo specific training in examination standards and apprenticeship. Standard First Aid Examiners are empowered to certify candidates up to and including Workplace Standard First Aid and CPR-A, -B, -C.

Prerequisites: Standard First Aid Instructor certification, Examination Standards Clinic; co-teach at least 1 full Workplace Standard First Aid course wth an experienced Standard First Aid Examiner; Society approval. You must submit the completed Examiner Training Record to the Society's office in order to be considered for appointment as a Standard First Aid Examiner.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Costs: There is no Lifesaving Society fee for the Examination Standards Clinic. Certification fee payable to the Lifesaving Society upon submission of the Examiner Training Record.

Recertification: Examiners remain current by recertifying within 24 months of the last certification date. Recertification is through the Society's professional development credit system.