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in Bathurst
invites applications for the position of
Swim Instructor

December 16, 2022

Job Description

Are you a veteran instructor like Olivia? Olivia earns $92/hr. Be like Olivia.

Are you a newer instructor like Gabbie? Gabbie earns $32/hr. Be like Gabbie.

Take the next step in aquatics and work when you want, how you want, teaching laid back private lessons while earning 2-3x what you'll make elsewhere.

• Pay - $43/hr average, actual ranges from $30-$100+/hr depending on the price you set

• Commitment -  None, no minimum time requirement

• Schedule -  Set by instructor

• Location -  Any of our private pools

• Resume -  No resume or cover letter required

• Travel -  None, so no driving between backyard or condo pools

Opportunity - We believe instructors are THE talent and should retain the majority of the revenue they generate. Instructors working elsewhere generate $100+ per hour and usually only keep about 20%-30% of it. With Propel, even new instructors keep ~55% while veteran instructors command 65-70%!

Autonomy - On our platform, you'll choose which pools you work in be in complete control over your own schedule.

Individuality - Instead of registering for numbered classes, students book lessons by choosing their instructor. At Propel, your experience and expertise truly matter.

What will I be doing?

Teaching relaxed private swim lessons with just 1 or 2 students. Learn more

About Propel

We're not a traditional swim school or public pool. We're a team of swim instructors, engineers, and product managers who are intent on making the aquatics industry more fair and accessible to everyone. Our mission

Required Qualifications

Any swim instructor certification and 1 year of paid teaching experience

Contact Information

Anyone can sign up to teach with Propel. CLICK HERE to learn more and get started.

Special Instructions

Psst... if you've read this far, sign up here to get a sneaky $100 cash bonus that you can use to buy yourself some great teaching equipment!