Alert: Lifeguarding in Action

Alert: lifeguarding in Action - revised 2012

The June 2012 (14th) printing of Alert: Lifeguarding in Action features a new cover and an eight-page Alert Insert highlighting new or newly emphasized content in the Society's National Lifeguard training program. The Alert Insert is available as a stand-alone hard copy.

Alert Cover


In addition, the Society made the following changes to the text for consistency with the most recent international resuscitation and CPR guides:

p. 68  a) Rescue of victims far out from shore.

  • Right-side column, last paragraph: replace 2nd and 3rd sentences ("In calm... victim on board.") with: "The second lifeguard lifts the victim on board, assesses breathing and starts CPR if necessary."


  • Under Primary Survey (at top left): replace 2nd bullet (Breathing - Look, Listen, Feel") with: "Breathing - Perform a quick, visual check for absent or abnormal breathing."
  • Under Primary Survey (at top left): replace 3rd bullet ("Circulation - Check for... start CPR immediately.") with: "If the victim is breathing, assume effective circulation and look for bleeding and other life-threatening injuries. If the victim is unresponsive and not breathing or not breathing effectively (gasping), start CPR and apply an AED as soon as it arrives."

p. 76 PRIMARY SURVEY (right column)

  • 1st square bullet: replace last sentence ("Open the airway...) with: "Open the airway and check for breathing."

p. 77 New sidebars

  • Delete photo and add three new blue sidebars with the following copy:

Opening the Airway of a Spinal-Injured Victim: If a spinal injury is suspected, open the airway using the jaw-thrust technique. If unsuccessful, use the head-tilt/chin-lift technique.

CPR with a Drowning Victim: With a drowning victim, start CPR with rescue breaths. With all other victims, start with compressions.

Recovery Position: Place breathing victims (with no spinal injury) in the recovery position to maintain the airway and keep it clear of fluids and other debris.