Volunteer Awards

The Lifesaving Society is composed of thousands of dedicated volunteers. Annually, we recognize outstanding individuals with Commonwealth Honour Awards.

Commonwealth Honour Awards recognize leadership and dedicated service to the Lifesaving Society.

  • The Service Commendation honours volunteers for significant contributions to the aims of the Society with a minimum of 2 years service.
  • The Service Medal acknowledges a minimum of 5 years of noteworthy service as a volunteer officer or committee member.
  • The Service Cross honours meritorious service to the Society over at least 15 years.
  • Honorary Life Member recognizes at least 20 years' service involving activity at a provincial as well as a national or international level.
  • Volunteers with a minimum 25 years of meritorious and noteworthy service at a provincial as well as a national or international level may be recognized as an Honorary Life Governor.
  • Commonwealth Vice President, the highest award of the Society, is normally reserved for individuals who have served on a National Council or the Commonwealth Council. Others may qualify in exceptional circumstances.