Affiliate Recognition Awards


His Worship Mayor Mike O'Brien of Fredericton accepts the 2017 award for the largest lifesaving program in the Province of New Brunswick.

To view a list of the top affiliates in each category, see the New Brunswick Report (page 6).


Affiliate recognition awards encourage and recognize the use of the Society's training programs. Point values (see below) reward affiliates who offer a full menu of lifesaving programs and reflect the relative degree of difficulty or amount of training and effort required to achieve each level including the programming time commitment. Recertifications are equivalent to half the value of original certifications.

OPEN CATEGORY: Awarded to the affiliate member with the largest lifesaving program. The City of Fredericton currently holds this award.

Under 20,000 population: Awarded to the municipal affiliate with the largest lifesaving program in a commmunity with a population under 20,000. The Town of Riverview currently holds this award.

Point System

Water Rescue Awards

Rookie/Ranger/Star Patrol
7/7/7 points
Junior Lifeguard Club
10 points
Bronze Star
10 points
Bronze Medallion
15 points
Bronze Cross 20 points
Distinction 30 points
National Lifeguard 40 points

First Aid Awards

Anaphylaxis Rescuer
2 points
Basic First Aid
4 points
4/6/8 points
CPR-HCP 8 points
AED 10 points
Emergency First Aid 12 points
Workplace Standard First Aid 25 points

Specialized Training

Lifesaving Fitness Bronze/Silver/Gold
5/7/9 points
Boat Rescue
10 points
All Lifesaving Sport Officials 15 points

Leadership Training

Assistant Instructor 20 points
Swim Instructor
40 points
Lifesaving Instructor
40 points
Advanced Instructor
40 points
Examination Standards Clinic
20 points
Update Clinics
15 points
Lifesaving Sport Coach
30 points
Specialized instructors
30 points
Trainer Clinics
30 points

Recertifications are equivalent to half the value of original certifications.