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National Lifeguard Examiner

The Lifesaving Society appoints National Lifeguard Examiners. National Lifeguard Examiner candidates are experienced National Lifeguard Instructors who undergo specific training in examination standards and apprenticeship. NLS Examiners are empowered to certify National Lifeguard candidates.

National Lifeguard Instructors should first gain significant experience teaching NLS before applying for National Lifeguard Examiner appointment.

Prerequisites: National Lifeguard Instructor certification, Examination Standards Clinic; at least 2 successful NLS co-exams with an experienced NLS Examiner; Society approval. You must submit the completed Examiner Training Record to the Society's office in order to be considered for appointment as an National Lifeguard Examiner.

Candidate recognition: Certification card.

Costs: There is no Lifesaving Society fee for the Examination Standards Clinic. Certification fee payable to the Lifesaving Society upon submission of the Examiner Training Record.

Recertification: Examiners remain current by recertifying within 24 months of the last certification date. Recertification is through the Society's professional development credit system.