Our Members

Lifesaving Society Canadian stamp

The Lifesaving Society is composed of:

  • Active Members
  • Affiliate Members
  • Award Members
  • Honorary Members

Active Members

Active Members include:

  • The Governor
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Chairs appointed by the Board of Directors
  • Members of committees appointed by the chair of each committee
  • Current Instructors and current Examiners

Admission to be an Active Member is automatic upon appointment to the position or attainment of the qualification required for admission and ceases automatically when no position or qualification required to be an Active Member is held. Active Members have a single vote at any general meeting.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are persons or organizations who apply for membership and subscribe to and fulfil the terms set by the Board for affiliate membership.

Affiliate Members may appoint 2 representatives to participate in the affairs of the Society and to attend its general meetings. Each of the 2 representatives of an Affiliate Member carry a single vote at any general meeting.

Award Members

Award Members are:

  • Duly qualified holders of the National Lifeguard Award. National Lifeguard Award Members shall be entitled to the same privileges of membership including the right to vote at general meetings as Active Members and shall have all the duties of Active Members.
  • The holders of such other current awards issued by the Society defined by the Board. The Board shall define the privileges of membership accorded to other Award Members and may define different privileges and duties for the holders of different awards. Award Members do not vote at general meetings.

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are the Patron, such Honorary Officers as may be appointed by the Board, and others who may be elected by the membership. There are no duties or obligations attached to Honorary Membership and Honorary Members do not vote.