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Our Structure

Governance and structure

The Lifesaving Society New Brunswick is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors who govern in accordance with the Society's mission and bylaws. Directors are elected for a 2 year term by the Society's membership at the annual general meeting. No person or body external to the Society is entitled to appoint any directors. Directors appoint all officers, including committee chairs.


The Society's office staff provide support from the Society's headquarters at 70 Melissa Street in Fredericton.

Board of Directors

The Lifesaving Society New Brunswick Annual General Meeting was hosted by the City of Saint John at Peel Plaza on April 30, 2016. The Board of Directors was elected at the AGM and is composed of:


Federick C. McElman, Governor

Stephen Hanlon, President

David Dumont, President Elect

Doug Trentowsky, Past President

Sarah Price, Corporate Secretary

Luc Sonier, VP Member Services

Adam Munn, VP Training Program

Marcel Bourgeois, VP Lifesaving Sport

Mikaël Doucet, VP without Portfolio

Marcel McLaughlin, VP without Portfolio

Doug Ferguson, CEO